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Illinois Racing Board
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Wagering in Illinois

Recently, the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability published the 80 page "Wagering in Illinois - 2016" Update. This study analyzes Illinois horse racing in pages 51 - 60 of the report. These 9 pages succinctly provide statistics and history of the lack of favorable legislation that has caused the loss of owners who will support Illinois racing. The full report is available by clicking the "Wagering in Illinois 2016 Update" button.

Some quotes from the report include:

"The overall handle total in 2015 was 40.8% below the levels from just 10 years ago."

"Between 1990 and 2015 the percentage of the total handle generated from on-track wagering fell from 49% to 14%.”

“While many ideas have been discussed over the past decade to turn Illinois’ horse racing industry around, so far little progress has been made.”

“Although, data suggests that the horse racing handle will not necessarily increase as a result of having slot machines at the track, having this other source of revenue would give Illinois horse tracks a secondary source of income needed to offer competitive purses, which should help sustain horse racing in Illinois."

“And without the ability to compete with other states, many fear that the pressure on additional Illinois tracks to close for good may become insurmountable.”

Please read pages 51-60 of the Wagering in Illinois 2016 Update
and pray the legislature allows on-track gaming.



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